Davis Services Case Study


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Davis Services

Davis Services had one plan in mind- to grow their business. As an established, family owned, and well known HVAC company, most recently expanding to plumbing and electrical, Davis Services wanted to grow their business further by taking on the digital world and they were in need of a strategic plan. Ridge Media began designing an interactive, user- friendly website, and then launched a social and pay per click campaign. From there, we solidified targeted ads, created content of their staff telling the family owner narrative, narrowing down our audiences within the upstate and gaining followers on Davis Services’ social media platforms, Davis saw continued success and growth as we monitored lead generation using our call recording software. We were able to be more efficient month over month researching specifically where the new clients are coming from. Fast forward to 2022, Ridge Media is working on a second website to match the new Google algorithm changes and have expanded our approach into producing multiple award winning television commercials, to match a full scale content distribution campaign both digitally and traditionally. Davis is a long term and loyal Ridge Media partner. 

Call Tracking

975.96% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2018): 104 calls
Last month (2022): 1,119 calls

Davis Services Employees

Social Media

The goals of Davis’s social media included highlighting employees, promoting a family atmosphere, trustworthiness of the brand, and community support and involvement that creates a difference from the competition.

Together we have worked to create new, engaging content that brings awareness to the correct audience in the target market of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. We work with each division to ensure we capture the story of Davis’s full range of services including commercial and residential HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical.

To showcase their customer service and quality appliances, we posted pictures of customer interactions and products inside of customers’ homes. We leveraged Ard’s online connections to generate more word-of-mouth marketing on Facebook. We continue to keep the community involved by posting general updates about the store.


Davis Services offers a wide range of services that needed to be highlighted on the website and across Google in search rankings. Our biggest challenge is the number of competitors in the market and ensuring that all ads are consistent with the marketing from each department.

Each month our teams review current ad buying strategies and call recordings using artificial intelligence to scale the quality of each lead so that we can create the most efficient ad buy in order to maximize our ROI for Davis Services.

Google Ads Results

April 2022 vs. April 2018:
181% increase in Clicks
236% increase in CTR
239% increase in Interaction Rate
152% increase in Conversions
483% increase in Conversion Rate
Davis Services Case Study