Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get a new website up and running?
Ranging 4-12 weeks, 6 weeks is a typical project timeline. One of the greatest holdups in building a website is when the client chooses to provide their own content. Upon hiring us, we start work immediately.
How much do our services cost?
We cater our proposals to the individual marketing needs of the business. We build an a la carte service solution to your marketing needs so you can spend what is in your budget
What is a strategic alignment plan and why do I need it?
We create an umbrella approach when we get started where everyone involved stays under the same plan to reach marketing goals and build your brand, this keeps everyone nice and dry instead of getting soaked. This approach includes competitive reports, program set-up costs, on-boarding, and managing content providers.
How do SEM Ads get placed, and will they really help my business perform better?
SEM Ads are placed by a bidding system when a user makes a search. How much an adversity bids, quality of ads and performance of the business is how ads are ranked throughout searches.