Greenville 360
June 6, 2017

Ridge Media is proud to present the new and improved website for Greenville 360, a local organic blog of all things Greenville.

David Kabrin began Greenville 360 with the intention of bringing light to the latest food, events, restaurant openings, happy hours, etc. going on in Greenville. Kenny Ridgell, CEO, Ridge Media LLC, a local digital marketing firm met David and established a friendship. Both parties saw potential for what could be a beneficial relationship. Greenville 360 is the place to go to find out what’s “HOT” in Greenville! Both parties mutual goal is to bring light to the local community and events.

Ridge Media was excited to work on the Greenville 360 website as it has become a local staple in planning weekly outings. The Ridge Media team worked closely with David on design aesthetics, layout and incorporating the Greenville feel.

Important features include:

  • Blog post section, a collection of local writers’ pieces on what is happening in the community
  • A section for their partners to be featured
  • Advertising opportunities on the site for local brands
  • A drone video of the downtown Greenville cityscape
  • Calendar of events in the community

If you are interested in purchasing a website, contact Kenny Ridgell, Ridge Media, LLC at kenny@ridgemediallc.com or 864.354.6175.

If you would like more information on Greenville 360’s offerings, visit the website at greenville360.com, or contact David Kabrin at info@greenville360.com or 864.735.8461.