Greenville, SC- June 18, 2018- Her Tuxedo, an online retailer that offers tuxedo suits tailored specifically for women, has launched a new website. Although the shop operates exclusively online, it is based out of Greenville, SC and run by mother and son, Sue Draz and Omar Nahil.

In 2012, Her Tuxedo became the first online retailer to specialize in tuxedos for women. Sue Draz founded the shop after hearing about a girl who wanted to wear a tuxedo to her high school prom, but was denied because she was wearing “boys’ clothes.”

“As a mother, I was angered and saddened to know that a young woman was denied her opportunity to celebrate her important and special day just because of the way she chose to dress. That inspired me to think of a way to make wearing a tuxedo an acceptable option for a woman, whether to a prom, wedding, business meeting, or just as an elegant form of power dressing,” she said.

In collaboration with an experienced courtier, Draz designed a tuxedo tailored specifically to fit the female body shape along with accessories to offer on the website, and she launched Her Tuxedo.

“I decided it was important to retain the classic formal look rather than be distracted by ‘fashion flare’ design.”

While many tuxedos are only available in custom sizes, Her Tuxedos are ready-made sizes because Draz recognizes that not all women are able to afford made-to-measure clothing.

The Her Tuxedo website updates include a new design layout and new photography. Draz’s main goal for the new website is inclusivity and portraying the versatility of the tuxedo suits and accessories.

“In addition to professional models, we also invited women who wear androgynous clothing to model our suits,” she said.

Her Tuxedo also offers waistcoats, tuxedo shirts, and other accessories such as bow ties, cravats, and handkerchiefs. To shop or learn more about the company, visit www.hertuxedo.com.