Hotel Domestique & Restaurant 17 Case Study


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Hotel Domestique & Restaurant 17

What is the first thing you do when you’re getting ready to take a trip? Most likely, it will be to Google hotels and restaurants in the area. When Hotel Domestique and Restaurant 17 came to Ridge Media in early 2020, searching for a marketing firm, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with their one of a kind European, boutique property. First, we developed niche marketing assets, designed new sales materials and began capturing content so that we could tell a visual story of the property. Next, we wanted to highlight the location with more brand recognition. We pushed a large social campaign including partnerships, giveaways, influencers and were able to grow the social channels as well as increase room rates and bookings! 

Most locals know that Hotel Domestique was inspired by the world travels of cyclist George Hincapie. Ridge Media focused on making that apparent on a national level, suggesting a Spring Cycle Retreat – This region is host to some of the best mountain biking in the country. Whether you are headed to Pisgah for some technical trails or Dupont for machine cut flow trails. If cycling isn’t your strong suit, a  delicious surprise to your stay with Hotel Domestique might be experiencing Restaurant 17.

Ridge Media partnered with Danielle, the General Manager of R17, to find out specific needs to capitalize on marketing campaigns. It is destination dining that offers beautiful views and the chance to feel transported, even though you are still in Travelers Rest. With our Director of branding, we were able to create must-have branding materials, from a brand new hostess stand, down to the personalized ice cubes, to heighten diners’ experience and promote the restaurant. The menu focuses on seasonality and uses local farmers and producers when sourcing ingredients, allowing Ridge to focus on new, detailed photos to promote the dishes and lively atmosphere. Come experience unmatched experiences in hospitality, cuisine, and adventures at both Hotel Domestique and Restaurant 17!

Call Tracking

Restaurant 17

375.90% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2021):  83 calls
Last month (2022): 395 calls


Hotel Domestique

27% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2020):  544 calls
Last month (2022): 982 calls


Social Media

Restaurant 17

Ridge Media focused in on highlighting happy hour, seasonal dishes that contain local ingredients, monthly events such as wine dinners, Michelin Dinners, Farmers Dinners, and more to bring attention to more in-house events
Hotel Domestique

Hotel Domestique

Hotel Domestique’s primary goal was to grow in followers and have the page tell a story to capture what it’s like to stay on the property. Ridge Media manages influencer requests and relations. The collaboration involves the influencer posting about their visit via social media or writing a blog on their website in exchange for a free night’s stay or service. Most months will highlight weddings, events, room night specials, Restaurant 17, and shots of the European-inspired property.


Restaurant 17

Our marketing goals included bringing more attention to in-house events, brunch, weeknight dinners, as well as Sunday dinners. This was done by driving ads to the events page and using target keywords like “restaurant near me” for those looking for a weeknight dinner spot. We were also able to put more ad dollar priority during times people would be searching for dinner during the weekday

Google Ads Results

100% increase in clicks
100% increase in CTR
100% increase in Average CPC
100% increase in conversions
610 conversion rates

Hotel Domestique

A large percentage of business for both the restaurant and the hotel come from events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, etc so those interests had a large part in the audience creation. We also started targeting business professionals and couples who may be looking for a romantic getaway through keyword targeting.

Google Ads Results:

85% increase in clicks
153% increase in CTR
13% decrease in Average CPC
23% increase in conversions
155.43 conversion rates