Pray Family Dentistry Case Study


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Pray Family Dentistry

Our first couple of years in partnership with the office of Pray Family Dentistry, the practice was at the time known as Austin Pray Family Dentistry. We worked to create a new website and to determine the correct digital marketing approach while maintaining their current identity. During our market research, the path to reaching new patients as a general dentist allowed for experimentation both on social media and keywords. We tested a variety of campaigns in order to find the most efficient approach to the market, while providing a consistent mix in regards to the patient pool services wise. We enjoyed watching the practice grow as they have recently added a new addition, Dr. Delo to the team. 

During this process, we were given the chance alongside both Dr. Austin and Dr. Pray to grow and transition the practice to becoming Dr. Matthew Pray’s practice, now known as Pray Family Dentistry. Dr. Austin was able to move into a new role in the company while still practicing patient care and both dentists played at large.

Call Tracking

190.57% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2019): 106 calls
Last month (2022): 308 calls

Pray Family Dentistry Case Study

SEO/SEM Strategy

Although transitioning the practice to a new owner is common occurrence, we worked hand and hand with both doctors to ensure the messaging and public perception was exactly how both doctors envisioned. Throughout our multi-year relationship we have successfully created a new brand identity, led a rebranding public relations campaign, designed new print materials, managed social media pages, grown organic ranking and implemented a strong Google Ads campaign with HIPAA compliance call tracking to show the source traffic for new patients. In addition to this, we managed the installation and permitting of the new exterior signage along with interior signage

Google Ads Results

80.69% increase in CTR
132.11% increase in clicks