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Ard’s Appliance Sales & Service

While Ard’s is a staple in the Sumter community, they had absolutely no marketing plan before coming to Ridge Media. Over the time of our partnership, we have helped them move from no website or social media presence to creating a large digital footprint within the Sumter market. The Ridge team worked with them to create a website that allowed us to integrate a General Electric API integration to highlight products, launched a new Service Department landing page assisting in this department’s growth, and managed a variety of other platforms to generate traffic to the new site.

This included verifying the Google My Business page, increasing an already-active Facebook community by creating consistently-updated content using a portfolio of photos of happy customers’ successful projects, and videos which gives us an advantage in regards to our brand positioning. In addition, We grew their reach beyond Sumter into the Peedee region…and their big box price match guarantee.

Call Tracking

708% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2018): 96 calls
Last month (2021): 776 calls

Social Media

Ard’s main social media goal was to engage the local community and keep a personal feel that reflects their family-owned business. We determined that focusing on Facebook would be the best way to reach the target demographic.

To showcase their customer service and quality appliances, we posted pictures of customer interactions and products inside of customers’ homes. We leveraged Ard’s online connections to generate more word-of-mouth marketing on Facebook. We continue to keep the community involved by posting general updates about the store.


Ard’s greatest challenge was connecting potential customers to their large inventory and to the spread out landscape of their region. We worked with their team to solve this problem through extended Google marketing efforts to capture anyone within a 50-mile radius searching for new appliances for their home or seeking appliance service repair work.

Each month our teams review current ad buying strategies and call recordings using artificial intelligence to scale the quality of each lead so that we can create the most efficient ad buy in order to maximize our ROI for Ards.