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Strossner’s Bakery

Founded in 1947 by Richard Strossner Sr., a German immigrant and pastry chef on an ocean liner, Strossner’s Bakery Cafe & Deli is the oldest family-owned Bakery in Greenville. Passed down through generations of the Strossner’s family, and currently owned and run by Tapley Strossner, they boast fine layer cakes, pastries, breads and have a cafe with fresh casseroles, quiches, soups, sandwiches, and more!

Call Tracking

488.07% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2018): 478 calls
Last month (2021): 2,811 calls

Social Media Strategy

Strossner’s primary social media goal was to grow their Instagram account, along with capitalizing on their long history in the Upstate to reach new customers and further engage with the established ones that they’ve obtained over the years. In order to accomplish this, we focused on increasing brand recognition by showcasing all of the creations that Strossner’s has to offer with eye-catching, high-quality photos, and encouraging engagement across their media profiles.

SEO/SEM Strategy

We focused our efforts on increasing phone traffic for Strossner’s while expanding their brand recognition via SEO strategies that put them at the top of Google for a variety of keywords. Our goal was to highlight Strossner’s as a locally owned, family business, as this would resonate deeply with potential customers.


Google Ads Results:

  • 32% increase in clicks
  • 2% decrease in CTR
  • 18% decrease in Average CPC
  • 42% decrease in conversions
  • 98.75 conversion rates

Website Development

Ridge Media worked with Tapley to completely redesign and update their website. Before this point, their website had not been updated in over two decades. Utilizing our web development team and 200+ photos taken on site at Strossner’s, we were able to create a fully-revamped and modernized website for the 21st century.