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Davis Services was established in 1972 and is South Carolina’s largest HVAC distributor. Owners Mike and Nick Davis came to Ridge in hopes of growing their digital marketing presence. We have been hand in hand with their team since 2016. Together, our teams have created new campaigns each quarter for each department that appropriately markets according to the season. This involves yearly planning and monthly strategy meetings to ensure we are staying up to date the evolving weather and market conditions. This partnership truly highlights the importance of continually ensuring the need to be innovative and consistent in communication with a variety of products, services, and team members involved.
The Ridge team works closely with Greenville Dermatology to create their digital strategy that includes website development, SEM/SEO campaigns, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram, and redesigned sales materials.
The goals of Davis’s social media included highlighting employees, promoting a family atmosphere, trustworthiness of the brand, and small things that create a difference from the competition. Together we have worked to create new, engaging content that brings awareness to the correct audience in the target market of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. We work with each division to ensure we capture the story of Davis’s full range of services including commercial and residential HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.
Davis Services offers a wide range of services that needed to be highlighted on the website and across Google in search rankings. Our biggest challenge is the number of competitors in the market and ensuring that all ads are consistent with the marketing from each department. Each month our teams review current ad buying strategies and call recordings using artificial intelligence to scare the quality of each lead so that we can create the most efficient ad buy in order to maximize our ROI for Davis Services.

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We are working with Kenny at Ridge Media to update our website and social media presence. It has been complex and they have responded each time with solutions. I think you will be very pleased with what they can do for you. A team of individuals with experience in each area of marketing and branding.
Timothy Whitesides

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