Scroggs Insurance Case Study


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Scroggs Insurance

Well known in the Upstate already, Scroggs Insurance knew they needed to add the extra oomph to their business. Partnering with Ridge Media, we created an updated graphic with color scheme, an interactive website, and not only call tracking but also a Google Ads account. Mix these all together, Scroggs Insurance now receives over 100 new calls each month and has a 97% click rate on Google Ads! 

Call Tracking

75% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2020): 68 calls

Last month (2022): 119 calls

Scroggs sInsurance Case Study 1

SEM Strategy

Using targeted keywords for those looking for insurance services Scroggs offers those that may be looking for new insurance bundle quotes to save money. Another strategy we use is targeting specific demographics (i.e those that own a car, make a certain amount of money, homeowners, families with children – those that would most likely save with bundles). Since Scroggs is already well known in the Greenville area, we were not focused on winning branded searches on Google. We went straight into non-branded keywords with some branded keywords sprinkled in to make sure other companies were not winning the Scroggs Insurance name. We first started out with SEO, SEM and social media but after about a year of running all three, our team thought it was best to pivot the social media budget to SEM as they were getting more calls and website leads from the paid marketing campaign.
Google Ads Results

97% increase in clicks
55% increase in CTR
7% decrease in Average CPC
104% increase in conversions
55 conversion rates