Digital Marketing for
Service-Based Businesses

Impact Your Bottom Line

Service based companies have unique challenges to overcome to connect with and satisfy their customers.  Ridge Media has developed an in-depth understanding of the subtleties and nuances that work across these different industries and business types. If you are a service-based business, we will cater our approach accordingly. Our team will work closely with you to develop a streamlined and all-encompassing digital marketing strategy to achieve success in the marketing and selling of services. From building out your website to developing hyper-targeted, super-effective ad campaigns, we use the most sophisticated digital tools and techniques that are sure to help enhance your digital presence and connect you with customers that need your service.

Our Case Studies

Ridge Media's case studies offer a glimpse into the company's ability to deliver cutting-edge digital marketing solutions that drive exceptional results and growth for businesses across diverse industries. From social media marketing to search engine optimization, Ridge Media's expertise in various digital marketing domains is evident in its case studies. By utilizing a data-driven approach and leveraging the latest marketing technologies, Ridge Media has been able to help its clients achieve significant improvements in online visibility, lead generation, customer engagement, and revenue growth. These case studies demonstrate the company's commitment to providing customized and impactful marketing solutions that align with each client's unique needs and goals. Whether you are looking to increase your online presence or enhance your brand's reputation, Ridge Media's case studies offer valuable insights into the company's capabilities and success stories.

Why is Digital Marketing Essential To Service-Based Businesses

An effective digital marketing strategy utilizes all of the most cutting-edge marketing tools and techniques available to do everything from brand building to new business development. While this is essential for all types of business, it is especially important for service-based businesses. Why? Because elements of a digital marketing strategy, such as the website, often act as the intermediary between customers and your services. That means the digital marketing strategy that Ridge Media will help you develop will not simply help you sell your service to your customer, but also act as a digital interface by which you execute your service. In short, the digital infrastructure that we will build out could prove to be essential to the functionality of your service. That means we are not only helping you sell to your customers, we are helping you service them, which in turn, will also help sell. Talk about a positive feedback loop.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing In Selling Your Service

Due to their structural nature, service-based businesses can benefit in many ways from the digital marketing infrastructure Ridge Media is capable of developing. Here are a couple ways your service could actually be enhanced by our approach to service-based digital marketing:

Enhance Personal Interaction with Customers As a service-based business a big part of what will determine your success is your customer retention rate. With the development of the right digital platforms, Ridge Media can help you connect with your customers on a more intimate and personal level. Our developers and designers can help you build out the digital presence and user-experience you are looking for. By focusing on closer interaction, we can ensure that your customers have easier access to provide feedback so that you can continually iterate your service accordingly.

Keep Your Service Offerings More Flexible Ridge Media’s dynamic and versatile team can offer you incredible amounts of flexibility as to how you want your digital presence to materialize. We will help you offer your customers the exact experience they are looking for whether it be in learning about your service, purchasing your service, or even receiving your service. You can extend the flexibility that we provide you to your customers by very consciously designing an experience that fits their precise wants and needs. Also, as a company focused on relationships over revenue, Ridge Media sees your success as our success. That means, we will continue working with you long after launch, analyzing the mountains of data we will collect to help you continue improving your service offering and how it is marketed in a way that directly increases revenue.

Ridge Media will soon become a major household name in the marketing world. They exemplify professionalism whilst developing a personal connection with your company throughout the entire process. We look forward to not only working with them in the coming years, but seeing them grow into one of the premier marketing firms!
Phil Canale
Canale Transportation Services
We’ve never really been involved with social media before. I knew a lot about it but I just never really could do it correctly and we’ve bought on to the company, Ridge Media, two years ago and we’re now setting records in sales that we have never have before and the things we can contribute it to are the renovations and the social media effort that Ridge Media has done for us. It’s been phenomenal.
Charlie McMullen
My experience with Ridge Media has been excellent. We started with them before the global pandemic so they really helped us navigate all of that, get our messaging out to our customer base, and really help us expand our audience. Our return on investment has been incredible. We’re busier than ever been and I really can’t say enough about our relationship.
Eric Poovey
Hotel Domestique
You guys are simply the best... Elevate your social game with Kenny Ridgell and team or get left behind.
Michael McGovern
BMW Charity Pro-Am
The Ridge Media team brought my vision to life! They are experts in all aspects of marketing. I own a bar service company in Upstate SC and had no idea what to do about designing a logo, developing a web presence, creating content, etc. After meeting with Kenny and his team of creatives, I knew I would be in the best hands when it came to getting my brand out there.
Jared Little
Southern Libations
I recommend this marketing group to all businesses in the Upstate. They have a team-oriented mentally and are about helping businesses to grow. This team of people is dedicated to taking the mission statement and identity of your business and getting that out to the world via social media and the Internet.
Braelen Meredith

Meet your team

From family law marketing to HVAC companies, we’ve worked the entire spectrum of service-based businesses. Our versatile team of marketing consultants is constantly adapting to the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape and newly emerging trends. That is how we produce clear, measurable, and repeatable results for service-based businesses while maintaining transparency and intelligibility when communicating your ROI. As your marketing consultants, we will utilize our unique skill set and expertise to help scale your service-based business.

Kenny Ridgell

Creative Director

Sarah Tate Calhoun

Senior Account Executive

Erin Danfy

Account Executive

Lauren Williams


Kenny Ridgell

Kenny Ridgell is the founder of Ridge Media, LLC. Ridgell began the company while attending the College of Charleston in 2014 where he graduated with honors and gained a BA in Business Administration with a focus in entrepreneurship after beginning his college career as a Biochemistry major.

Today’s age of data-driven marketing offered the unique opportunity to merge his love of innovation, art, and science into a digital marketing firm that practices the scientific method daily through setting up experiments that use modified variables to impact the outcome based on hypotheses.


Not refilling the ice trays in the freezer.


Lil Wayne “Sky is the Limit”


Star Wars

Creative Director

Sarah Tate Calhoun

Sarah joined the Ridge team in 2017 as a graphic designer after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Visual Communications and has made her way to the Creative Director role over the years. She wears many hats at Ridge but her primary responsibilities include: overseeing the account executives and our contractors, project management on projects such as websites, branding, and production, front-end website design, interviewing internship and job candidates, and debriefings with Kenny.


I love starting the day off with a workout


I love it all. Anything from Reality TV to the classics


Anything outdoors – whether it’s hiking, a rooftop bar, or wherever that allows my dogs.

Senior Account Executive

Erin Danfy

Erin is from Greenville, South Carolina and graduated from the College of Charleston in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Looking to move back home to the Upstate, Erin was hired at RelayPM gaining experience in SEM Management helping to budget and manage several companies’ campaigns. She joined the Ridge Media team in November 2020 as the Digital Marketing Analyst managing our client’s SEM campaigns. Erin quickly grew into an Account Executive role managing several of our client’s social media campaigns while still having a hand in SEM. Erin is now our Senior Account Executive.

Do you prefer mornings or nights?

I prefer mornings! One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go out for coffee in the morning and walk around downtown.

Who was your childhood actor or actress crush?

My childhood actor crush was Zac Efron. High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece.

If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?

If I could take 3 things to a desert island, they would be: Netflix, my cat Benji, and soap.

Account Executive

Lauren Williams

Lauren is from Charleston, South Carolina and graduated from Clemson University in August 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications. Lauren originally joined our team as a Graphic Design intern back in 2020 during her time studying at Clemson University. She fell in love with the Upstate and decided to move up to Greenville, South Carolina after graduating. Fresh out of college, she gained strategic marketing experience working as a Channel Marketing Manager at ScanSource – managing and supporting the marketing needs and relationships of their partners. She decided to rejoin the Ridge Media team in April 2022 as an Account Executive.

What fictional family would you be a member of?

I loved the Cheaper By the Dozen movies growing up, and always thought it’d be fun to be part of a huge family. Either them, or the Tanners from Full House.

If you could time travel, which period of time would you go back to visit?

Definitely the 70s. I love the music and fashion from that time period and would love to go back and experience the music festivals.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Otto Izakaya, they have the best sushi in town.

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