Marketing Services

Experience the power of Ridge Media's results-driven marketing services, designed to help our clients swiftly achieve a strong return on investment

Custom Web Development

From branding to selling to promoting to educating, your website is a fundamental tool for your business. We specialize in developing interactive, brand-oriented, and business-ready custom web solutions. No matter your needs, our team of web developers will be able to create a modern, scalable, and agile site that bridges your business with customers.
Website Development
Local SEO Agency


With an increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, organic search traffic is no longer just an added bonus – It’s a must. From technical website audits to in-depth page optimizations to link building, we will strategically create and promote high-quality content that will reach people searching for topics related to your business.

Search Engine Marketing

Digital ads are eating the web. And that’s because they work. But ensuring that yours reaches the right people requires experience and careful attention. We’ll conduct a deep dive, analyzing your customer base to formulate a Paid Social approach that utilizes a variety of platforms, including Google Ads, Yahoo! Gemini and Bing Ads, and more.
Google Analytics dashboard

Social Media Marketing

As your social media marketing agency, we will handle your entire social presence. By deploying data-driven tactics around social strategy, content production, community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and more, we will boost sales, bring in new leads and provide your audience with exactly what they need with social media marketing agency pricing that doesn’t break your bank.

Branding Services

Brands are more than just well-designed representations of a company — they are the entire aesthetic embodiment of a company’s identity. As your brand marketing agency, we will bring your vision to life by creating unique, visually-engaging logos and other branding materials. Our brand services focus is on making award-winning, one-of-a-kind logos and designs that are consistent with your brand and voice, a brand that impacts, and a brand that lasts.
Content Production

Content Development

Content Marketing is no longer the future, it’s the now. That’s right, content is and always has been king. And guess what? We relish in creating it. So leave your digital content strategy to us. From copywriting to blogging to videography & photography, we’ll create and curate original content that will accentuate and enhance your digital presence.

And we’ll do it right, too. Our 16-time award-winning production team has had the opportunity to produce content for our partners such as BMW and Artisphere, as well as notable brands: Ketel One, Jack Daniel’s, High Noon, and more.

Media Buying

Did you know that Ridge Media offers Media Buying as an additional service? The process of purchasing media space and time for efficient ad placements in accordance with a brand’s marketing or advertising goals is known as media buying. It allows businesses to run ad campaigns after conducting market research to identify the suitable demographic for their marketing objectives in order to increase brand awareness and sales.
Media Buying
Public Relations

Public Relations

Ridge Media’s public relations efforts are focused on building credibility for businesses through captivating storytelling which creates and raises brand awareness. Your thoughtful and specific campaign tactics will focus on a variety of audiences in national, regional and local publications to fit your needs. Our targeted, strategic approach to securing earned media coverage acts as third-party endorsements which brands can leverage with prospective buyers as well as new and repeat customers.

Charity & Giving Back

As a small, locally-owned business we not only have close contact with each of our clients but also with the community in which we operate. Our mission is about more than using our talents to simply help clients scale – that part we’ve gotten down. Zooming out, we want to apply our skills and knowledge in a way that helps our entire community to flourish. That is why we prioritize partnering with clients that we believe are making a positive impact on the world.

Event Production

Whether you are an events production company or are simply throwing a one-off event, Ridge Media can extend our end-to-end marketing expertise to ensure that your event achieves its objectives. From promoting your event in advance to ensuring you sell tickets or meet attendance goals, to capturing the event with photo and video coverage – our marketing services will help to maximize your event’s overall impact.

Ready To hire Us

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Hiring Ridge Media can help you achieve your business goals by providing customized and innovative digital marketing solutions that drive results. With a team of experts in various marketing domains, Ridge Media has the skills, expertise, and experience to deliver effective strategies tailored to your business needs. By hiring Ridge Media, you will have access to the latest marketing technologies and a data-driven approach that ensures every marketing effort is optimized for maximum impact. Moreover, Ridge Media's commitment to transparency and communication means that you will have a partner who is invested in your success and will work with you every step of the way. So, if you are ready to enhance your online presence, generate more leads, and grow your business, hire Ridge Media for all your digital marketing needs.