Southern Libations Case Study


  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Messaging

  • Art Direction

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Development & Design

Southern Libations

Southern Libations is a beverage service company made up of industry professionals that provides a crafted bar experience to party hosts, caterers, and event planners with a variety of mobile bar rental options and beverage service packages.

Jared Little, the founder of Southern Libations, came to Ridge Media with his company idea, and we built his brand from the ground up. Working closely with the Southern Libations team, Ridge was able to create everything from the company name and logo to the website. We continue to provide brand strategy, graphic design, and photography for Southern Libations.

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Logo & Naming

We helped Jared choose the name Southern Libations because it is unique and fits the company’s “cocktail club with rustic charm feel”. Sarah, now our Vice President, created several unique logos that captured the company’s brand, and Jared chose a simple logo that reads Southern Libations along with an icon of a hop flower turned into a wine glass. This icon is able to stand on its own and will soon become a recognizable symbol across South Carolina.

Brand Identity

To determine a brand identity, Ridge met with Jared to discuss the overall feel of his company. We determined that Southern Libations has a cocktail club vibe with rustic charm. We chose three different fonts for this brand including “Wicked Grit,” the font used in the logo and for headers, “Mrs. Eaves OT,” their regular typeface, and “The Sofy ALT,” which adds some flair to the designs. Their color palette includes two shades of gray, cabernet, and canary yellow.


We have photographed Southern Libations in action at their events and during specific photoshoots for brand materials. During their shoots, our goal is to capture clean images that show the contrast between the elegance and grittiness of their brand.
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