SouthernEye Case Study


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For over 30 years, Southern Eye has been providing compassionate eye care in the Upstate. While a digital footprint was always in their peripheral, they sought out Ridge Media to bring their vision to life as they were opening a third office and continuing to add doctors to the practice. We’ve been able to work with their team to launch a Google pay per click campaign, social and content advertising campaign focused on each practitioner’s speciality. We’ve increased calls, patient flow and website click through rates. Partnering with our graphic designers and SEA, we created easily recognizable branding materials, utilizing them throughout all three locations across the upstate. Next, we established multiple niche campaigns for a variety of eye care specialties to support the growing roster of talented physicians. While maintaining SEA’s current patient base and communicating with them through the social channels we were able to grow a large following and increase the engagement online highlighting doctors monthly in a “More Than Meets The Eye” campaign and most recently added a “Word of the Month!” Continue to follow along the journey by clicking their follow button on their social media accounts, you never know what new content you’re going to SEA. We look forward to partnering together for multiple years to come as their practice continues to grow.

Call Tracking

592% increase with our Call Tracking Software

First Month (2018): 464 calls
Last month (2021): 3,209 calls

Southern Eye Case Study 2

Social Media

The main focus for Southern Eye was to increase brand recognition and generate new leads. This was accomplished by consistent posting on social media, with specific posts made to highlight doctors and staff in order to make them seem more personable and authentic to their audience.


With our focus still on brand recognition and lead generation, we implemented SEO tactics with the sole purpose of increasing Southern Eye’s phone traffic and overall leads.

Each month our teams review current ad buying strategies and call recordings using artificial intelligence to scale the quality of each lead so that we can create the most efficient ad buy in order to maximize our ROI for SouthernEye.

Google Ads Results:

32% increase in clicks
9% increase in CTR
18% decrease in Average CPC
26% increase in conversions
186.41 conversion rates
Southern Eye Case Study 3