Andy Potter

Andy Potter

Videographer and Photographer


Andy Potter is from Morristown, TN and is a senior Marketing Major at Clemson University. Andy found a passion in creating content through photography, videography, and any other medium that he can get his hands on. He enjoys traveling with his family and 5 year old husky, Mila. Anywhere that Andy goes, he tries to take her with him. He enjoys getting outside and traveling, both near and far. Andy hopes to see you out there.

What band would you be embarrassed to admit you listen to?

The band that I admit to listening to would be that I “used to” know almost every word to most of the Veggie Tales songs that they would play with Silly Songs with Larry

If you could pick a TV show to be your life, what show would it be?

How I Met Your Mother or The Office. By far 2 of the most interesting shows when it comes to daily life that I could see myself in.

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

To take a picture in every single country in the world. This is a multidimensional bucket list item because I have to go to every country as well as take a picture that I like there.