Holly Ridgell

Holly Ridgell



Holly Ridgell has been with Ridge Media since it’s inception. She and Kenny started the business at home. Holly is the COO of Ridge Media and the business manager of Upstate Prosthodontics.

Holly married Don Ridgell in 1989 and they have two sons are Kenny and Daniel Ridgell. While a stay at home mom Holly was active in the PTA, SIC and various volunteer positions including home room mom for an underprivileged school for past few years. “I have a heart for children and learning and it has always been my mission to make learning easier for all kids.”

When she isn’t working she is waterskiing, playing tennis or going to church. Holly holds an AA degree from Hardbarger Business College and a BS in Creative Arts and Media with a minor in Public Relations. She is a native of Durham, NC and an avid Duke basketball fan.