Local Beers & Eclectic Pub Fare

Dive N Boar Gastropub

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Dive N Boar head Chef Adrian Carpenter created food with familiarity and creativity, sourcing eclectic ingredients from local farmers and producers. Whether stopping in for cocktails from The Deep End at the Dive, ordering their signature Hot Buttered Buns, or fighting the Sunday scaries with Brunch, Dive N Boar’s hip atmosphere and delicious menu made this one of our favorite clients to help market.


  • Social Media
  • Logo Design
  • Photography
  • Menu Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Signage
  • Event Planning
  • Ad Creation


Chef Adrian Carpenter joined Dive N Boar to rebrand and recraft the menu. The owners rebranded their existing upscale sports bar to have an eclectic twist with a strong cocktail menu. Ridge Media created a number of elements during this process including new logos, all print materials, social media and website photography, etc.

Menu Design

Our designer, Mattie, worked hand-in-hand with Chef and restaurant owners on menu design with inspiration from books and menus they admired through their travels. The desired goal for the menu design was to have sections that were easy to identify - menu placement is everything! The dinner menu was split into three main sections: with the smaller snacks on the left, featured items in the middle, and larger plates on the right. Whimsical, hand-drawn elements were incorporated to match the style of the eclectic menu items. The brunch menu was similar with only two columns: the left being smaller menu items and the right being the larger meals. Through collaborating concepts and design, we were able to cook up a delicious design to showcase at the grand opening of the newly rebranded restaurant.


We did all photography for the restaurant to help build Dive N Boar’s online presence and showcase their rebranding. Our team had photoshoots with the restaurant filled to help potential customers know what the ambiance and character of the new restaurant. We also had photoshoots solely based on food photography and highlighting the unique dishes for Dive N Boar marketing. We worked with the staff to capture the inside view of the kitchen under a new Chef. The various types of shoots really helped us achieve the overall scope of the restaurant’s new atmosphere.