Clothing Brand based in Charleston, SC

Fish Whisperer

The bite of the air, the lap of the water, the day just starting with a prize yet to be harnessed. We all know that feeling, it’s more familiar than you know - that feeling is Fish Whisperer. It’s the excitement to be in your environment doing what you love. Fish Whisperer is the pursuit of your passion and the gear to get you there. Fish Whisperer is an online clothing brand based in Charleston, SC with plans of a store launch coming up!


  • Brand Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Photography
  • Website Design
  • Product Design
  • Ad Creation

Logo Design

The main idea for this brand was to create something in line with the industry, but also have a unique distinction from your typical apparel brand. To design the Fish Whisperer logo, our creative team collaborated to design our very first negative space logo. If you observe the design minutely, you will see a little fish in the background (negative space) of the logo.

Product Design

There were many different steps involved in the process of starting the Fish Whisperer brand, all of which we were part of. It was a very rewarding experience for our designer because she worked one-one-one with the owner to develop a vision for the brand and then create all of the artwork for the products. We have created a variety of printed materials for the Fish Whisperer brand: business cards; artwork for shirt designs; hats; decals; cups; announcement cards; hang tags for apparel; heat-pressed shirt tags; geofilters; and all packaging materials.


Our team did all photography for Fish Whisperer - including lifestyle and product shoots. Once we got word that the products had come in, our team planned and organized photoshoots. During the photoshoots, we mainly aimed to capture lifestyle that represented the brand by taking photos of people wearing the products in their intended setting- by the water.