If it gets us outside...we dig it

Tried N True Outdoors

Located in the upstate of South Carolina, Tried N True is a group of family and friends with a passion for all things outdoors. Through many years of experience, Tried N True Outdoors offers the best products in the market to support you in all of your outdoor adventures: hunting, fishing, camping and bushcrafting, or simply spending time with your Retriever. They have selected both custom and ready-made products to have available to customers. Tried N True has learned through every single cast, shot, and memory what it takes to be the best. See you out there.


  • Brand Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Photography
  • Website Design

Logo Design

Being one of the most important parts of a company’s brand identity, the goal behind this logo creation was to encapsulate everything that the brand held to be “Tried n True”. A unique staple to the Tried N True Outdoors brand, aside from the Retrievers is the All Original, uncut, 1975 Ford Bronco Sport...and we are obsessed! We created variations of the logo that included both the dogs and the Bronco, as well as using rustic typography. After presenting these options to the client, we settled on using the Retriver as the main logo and the Bronco design would be used throughout other branding materials.

Website and Product Design

From the very first meeting with this client, he mentioned that he wanted to create a brand that made an impact. Right when a potential customer hits the website, they can immediately feel the lifestyle of Tried N True Outdoors. The website features the highest quality gear for all of your outdoor needs. Since the website is product based, we organized the site to be extremely user friendly to easily find just the product you need. Ridge Media also designed brand products for Tried N True. These consist of shirts, hoodies, hats, and items made in the custom shop.