'Walking in the fear of the lord and in the comfort of the holy spirit, it multiplied.' Acts 9:31

Village Presbyterian

In 2015, Rev. Jay Crout felt that God was calling him to start a new church, so he founded Village Presbyterian in the Greenville, SC Verdae community. Jay knew that as a brand new church, Village Presbyterian would need help to get the word out about their beliefs and values to attract members, so he reached out to Ridge Media in 2016.
We helped the church with their brand strategy, brand identity & messaging, art direction, graphic design, photography, videography, website creation & maintenance, and social media.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • UX/UI

Logo & Naming

After originally naming the church Verdae Presbyterian, Jay found out that he would not be able to use that name. The Ridge Media team brainstormed around 20 different names for Jay and the board to choose from, and they immediately loved Village Presbyterian. It was the perfect fit for his church. After picking the name, our creative director Sarah created over 10 different logos options. After discussing with Jay, he and the Ridge team decided to go with two different logos. While this is unusual, we believed that the main logo (The circle with the “Village”) would be used the most often, but the banner logo with the mountains in the background could be used on specific branding opportunities such as announcements, stoles, and banners.

Brand Identity

Even though we don’t typically think of churches having a brand, every business or organization should have a clear brand identity and message for successful marketing. We developed Village Presbyterian’s brand by keeping everything consistent to get our message across all mediums. Jay wanted something simple and classy that would stand out from other churches in the Greenville area. While creating the logo, we chose to use “Berthold Alkzidenz Grotesk” as the main font, and “Athelas” as the secondary font. We used four different shades of blue for the color palette. When creating the business cards, announcement, letterheads, and the rest of the branding materials, we kept the overall look consistent.

Website Development

Jay had one main purpose for the church’s site - to inform the Greenville community of what Village Presbyterian has to offer through it’s beliefs, values and calling. Dillon, our lead developer, brought Jay’s website vision to life. The Village Presbyterian website is continually growing with the church. We update the website monthly. The website is also home to the Village Presbyterian blog where visitors can read about the church’s core values and beliefs and how it got its start. The Ridge team has loved getting to develop the website and watching it continually transform over the years.