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Dipple is a client that our marketing firm has had the pleasure of working with. After experiencing a significant decline in revenue over the past year, they turned to us to help them turn their business around. Our team was able to quickly develop a strategy that would help stabilize their revenue and drive growth across their HVAC, plumbing, and electrical departments. In this case study, we will outline the steps we took to help Dipple achieve their goals.

Dipple Team

Challenges Faced

When Dipple Plumbing came to our marketing firm, they were facing significant challenges. They had experienced a decline in revenue for three years in a row, with losses ranging from 30% to 60% annually. Their previous two marketing agencies had not been able to turn things around, and they were looking for a new approach.


Our team took an agile approach to creating a plan that would help stabilize Dipple's revenue and drive growth. We started by "throttling" our spending and efforts to each department, beginning with HVAC. This allowed us to quickly identify areas that needed the most attention and develop targeted strategies to address them. We then moved on to plumbing and electrical, working with each department to create a customized plan that would help them meet their specific goals.

Our approach to marketing for Dipple was full-service, ranging from content creation to social media, including the creation of a TikTok page, Google Search Ads (SEM), Video/Display Ads (Programmatic), SEO, Email Marketing, brochure updates, reputation management, website updates, and more. We also provided sales consulting and lead management strategies to help Dipple Plumbing close more deals and grow their business.
Photoshoot with Dipple Plumbing
Dipple Plumbing services


Within six months of working with our marketing firm, Dipple had achieved significant results. They were up over 25% in each of their three departments year over year, leading to record-best months. Our agile approach to marketing allowed us to quickly identify areas that needed the most attention and develop targeted strategies to address them. We were also able to provide full-service marketing support that allowed Dipple Plumbing to focus on what they do best – providing high-quality plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services to their customers.
Calls tracked:
89% increase
First month: 435 calls
Last month: 817
Impressions: 29% increase
CTR: 84% increase
Clicks: 136% increase
"Ridge Media has been an exceptional marketing partner for Dipple Plumbing. Unlike previous agencies we've worked with, they truly get it. Their team understands our business and they have been able to drive revenue for each department based on seasonality and our team's availability. In less than three months they proved a strong ROI. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and provides data-driven insights that have positively impacted our bottom line. We highly recommend Ridge Media as a reliable and results-driven marketing partner."

- Chuck Dipple, Dipple Plumbing
Dipple Plumbing employee
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