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We’ll help you place hyper-targeted, super-effective ads across thousands of brand-safe sites

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Did you know that Ridge Media offers Media Buying as an additional service? The process of purchasing media space and time for efficient ad placements in accordance with a brand’s marketing or advertising goals is known as media buying. It allows businesses to run ad campaigns after conducting market research to identify the suitable demographic for their marketing objectives in order to increase brand awareness and sales. Keeping your brand in front of the right people at the right time is the key to running a successful marketing, branding, or advertising campaign. Media buying streamlines the entire process in a way that is both tailored and conversion-focused. Using the media buying technique, businesses can get maximum exposure without spending a lot of money. Your media purchase approach should be well-thought-out. The company’s marketing strategy must be well-defined. While finalizing the media procurement process, the corporation must be clear about its marketing goals and determine where its target audiences are. The advertisement, on the other hand, should not be limited to a single platform and should instead revolve around the necessary offline and digital media buying channels. 

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Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for media buying, as opposed to traditional, often manual, methods of digital advertising.

We’ll help you place hyper-targeted, super-effective ads across thousands of brand-safe sites.

Marketing Tech Is Evolving Fast, Are You Keeping Up?

You may have never even heard of it but programmatic advertising has quickly become, perhaps, the most important and powerful marketing tool out there. In fact, spending on global programmatic advertising more than doubled in the last 5 years – reaching an astounding $155 billion in 2021. However, despites its profound importance in the marketing world, most business owners have never heard of it – let alone are reaping its immense benefits.

So, what is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic marketing is a cutting-edge way to place ads to specific users in specific contexts across thousands of brand-safe sites across the internet. Instead of hoping your customers stumble across a site where you’ve sold an ad, you can now deliberately target them based upon their different characteristics.  

It is quite complex how it works but essentially, there now exist exchanges that buy and sell ad space which publishers (say, for example) are offering. These ad spaces are bid upon in real-time by algorithms that have been fed information from the ad buyer (your company) about where the ads should be placed, when, for how much, how often, and more. Therefore, so long as you know who your customers are, the entire process of buying and serving ads on a per user basis is infinitely more efficient.  

How does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Still confused? Don’t worry, this is a highly complex system of marketing and it is not your job to figure it all out – it’s ours. With that said, while the technology and platforms are extremely high-level, perhaps this simplified rundown could better help you understand how programmatic marketing works.

  1. One of your customers opens a web page – let’s say 

  2. As the page is loading, puts up an auction to bid for an open advertising spot to display for that user. 

  3. Whichever advertiser bids the most for the spot wins the right to display their ads. Mind you, all of this is algorithmically done in milliseconds.

  4. The winning ad displays on the website for the space it was competing over. To be clear, rather than the ad applying to everyone visiting, the ad only appears to that specific user visiting

  5. The ad appears to the user, who was specifically targeted based on the information fed to the algorithm.

  6. The user clicks on the ad, taking them to your site where they can purchase your product or service 

Benefits of Programmatic Marketing?

There are numerous benefits your business will receive from programmatic marketing, including:

Advanced Targeting

Programmatic marketing is effective because you can see what content gets people to click on your ad and the impression it leaves on them. This means you can create a better user experience with these advertisements since you are utilizing tailored ads to reach these customers, they are more likely to click on the ad.  

You can set the time-frequency. 

This is crucial because let’s say you know that the people you want to reach typically browse the Internet during the day, you can tailor your campaign so that you only bid for advertising spots at this time. It can be very specific too, down to the exact minute. 

You set the price 

Just like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you set a maximum bid that you are willing to pay, meaning there will be no surprises.

You only pay for relevant impressions

With programmatic marketing, you aren’t creating a blanket campaign where you hope to reach some people in your target market, you’re putting money into reaching people that are most likely to convert. This means a far better (ROI) for your business.

You can use it with different mediums

Doesn’t matter if it’s desktop, mobile, videos, CTV, or apps. This versatility makes programmatic marketing a great option because you can tailor your ads to the medium that fits best. As we are well aware, different products and services perform better on certain mediums, which makes this super valuable.

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