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Whether you are an events production company or are simply throwing a one-off event, Ridge Media can extend our end-to-end marketing expertise to ensure that your event achieves its objectives. From promoting your event in advance to ensuring you sell tickets or meet attendance goals, to capturing the event with photo and video coverage – our marketing services will help to maximize your event’s overall impact.

What Is

Event Production Marketing?

First and foremost, it simply means providing marketing services for any type of event. At Ridge Media, we’ve utilized our digital and traditional marketing savvy to promote and cover a wide range of events – everything from Arts Festivals to Concerts to Charity Golf Tournaments.

However, a more nuanced form of Event Production Marketing can refer to the production of an event with the intention of growing your brand awareness, connecting with customers, or promoting your product, service, cause, or organization. This form of event marketing leverages the power of in-person and community engagement to leave a more lasting impression on clients, customers, or the public in general.

Why is event production marketing important?

Well, let’s just take a look at the statistics…

According to a recent report, a whopping 95% of marketers have confirmed that events facilitate a valuable way to form face-to-face connections with customers in an increasingly digital world.

Per the same report, as many as 31% of marketing professionals believed that an event is the single most important channel for growing brand awareness and reaching potential customers and clients.

Our Event Production

Marketing Strategy

At Ridge, covering events is one of our core offerings. We’ve done it a lot and in the process have gained some key insights into how it is done right. Of course, as each event has its own unique culture, objectives and audience, each needs its own nuanced and customized approach. Taking into account these subtle differences, we’ve developed a general event product marking strategy that entails 3 phases:.

Before Your Event

Campaigns  |  Branding  |  Consulting   |  Website Design & Development  |  Social Media   |  SEM & SEO   |  More…

Ridge Media will help you get prepared by developing a multi-faceted campaign to generate buzz well before the actual date.

We can help you with all of your events branding, from voice to visual, to make sure you’ve developed a compelling aesthetic. With so much experience, we can also provide critical consulting services that will help your event convert in the way you need it to.

Then, we’ll build out the digital infrastructure. Does your event already have a web presence? It’s going to need one. Our team can develop a well-designed, highly functional website or to help raise awareness of your event and sell tickets.

Lastly, we can provide the necessary social media, SEM and SEO services to help reach more potential attendees as your event’s date approaches.

During Your Event

Photography  |   Videography |   Social Media

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Our award-winning video production team will be on-site to cover the event in its entirety.

We will apply our expertise to capture the essence of the event and create same-day video and photo content that can be posted directly to social media with editing onsite. Ridge Media team members will be onsite during the event to post stories live in the moment, tag all partners appropriately, and include a recap carousel posted on your social feeds after each event. We focus specifically on creating sponsor engagement and celebrity or influencer content delivery for extended event coverage from attendees. Lastly, this includes 30-day preparation and planning, organized folders, and pre-designed elements for each event.

After Your Event

Content Development  |  Copywriting  |  SEO Blogging  |  More…

The event may be complete but that doesn’t mean our job is done.

We’ll send all of the video and photo content to our editing team who will put together professional photo galleries and full video productions including interviews, sound bytes and a general recap video.

We can also provide copywriting, SEO blogging and other content development services that will capture and convey the spirit of your event. All of this content, of course, will be primed for social media and can be recycled for maximum effect.

Our Event Production

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