Upstate Prosthodontics Case Study


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Upstate Prosthodontics

As you may know Dr. Don Ridgell, is our founder, Kenny Ridgell’s dad. Despite what you may think, he was not actually Kenny’s first client and was even a tougher pitch than you can imagine. We started small with a logo refresh and new website towards year two. By year three, Ridge Media was able to begin a contract to oversee a new brand identity with Upstate Prosthodontics. Having never advertised before being a specialist, they relied heavily on our team. 

Upstate Prosthodontics Case Study 4

SEO/SEM Strategy

We had to take a unique approach to locating new patients and marketing to dentists within the area. We have since built his second website with us, to continue to grow his social media presence, filmed a documentary-style video series, and identified keyword opportunities both organically and paid. Along with those services, we collaborated on a reliable Google Ads campaign with HIPAA compliance call tracking to show the source traffic of new patients. In the end, we finally gained the trust of one of our most diligent clients.

Google Ads Results

65.91% increase in Users
130.51% increase in Clicks
-60.42% Bounce Rate

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